Oversized Large Wall Art Eclectic Sir & Lady Gilded Brass Rubbings - a Pair

Oversized Large Wall Art Eclectic Sir & Lady Gilded Brass Rubbings - a Pair

This listing is for two (2) matching set of large brass rubbings that almost remind us of the gold leaf technique. We love the fox behind Sir's jousting helmet! The art features Sir John De Foxley & Matilda (Maude) De Foxley circa 1300 of Bray Berkshire. The art was "rubbed" at the Saint James Church on November 1983 in London, England. They are double matted with the exterior mat black and interior gold. The frames are wood is there is some flaking here and there. A plexiglass protects the pieces and is cloudy - we are almost enticed to remove it so the art can just shine through. They are ready to hang. A smashing uncommon good and home decor statement or gift!

19ʺW × 1.5ʺD × 41.5ʺH (OVERALL - PER UNIT)
10.5ʺW × 0ʺD × 32ʺH (IMAGE- PER UNIT)
*Measurements are in approximate inches & always using the largest point of the object.

Brass rubbings are created by laying a sheet of paper on top of a brass (actually called "latten" - an alloy of brass and nickel) and rubbing the paper with graphite, wax, or chalk, a process similar to rubbing a pencil over a piece of paper placed on top of a coin. In the "old days" rubbings were most commonly made using the equivalent of what nowadays is called "butcher's paper" roll of whitish paper laid down over the brass and rubbed with "heelball", a waxy glob of black crayon once used to shine shoes.

This listing may be for a vintage item or set, meaning there will be some wear signs of use and is common due to age. Please zoom in on those pictures to make sure you are okay with the imperfections that define the character. If you need additional pictures or have questions, please feel to message us. We truly love to help!


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