Remarkable Textile Art Antique Caucasian Runner Turkish Rug

If you are in search of real textile art, this antique hand-woven carpet was made entirely by a skilled artist (estimated late 19th century). It is a fantastic example of Caucasian heritage, boasting a series of design motifs that are rich with tribal cultural significance. We love the geometric border that frames of gazelles and birds that pop out through the theme of symbols. This hand knotted gem has great distressed aesthetics, but wonderful pops of colors due to the natural elements to dye the wool. This piece of art could easily be mounted to a wall or simply be placed on the floor and will bring in history and character into your home. We cannot confirm the origin of this piece, but the runner features the following icons:

Wheel of Life
Appearing throughout time in numerous cultures, this ancient mandala shows the ever changing, yet cyclical nature of life. The tribal people believed life’s events were not haphazard, rather were gifts that, if embraced, could support one to grow. The mandala’s latch hooks encircling the wheel are associated with the dragon symbol. Often small stars were placed within the wheel, perhaps to demonstrate the potential fruit that comes from facing life’s events with balance and dignity.

The tribes people saw admirable attributes in the animals around them, which they strived to cultivate within themselves. The gazelle possessed the virtues of grace, fleetness, and dignity that could be manifested in all situations and all aspects of life.

Running Water
Both the nomadic shepherds and the sedentary agrarian antique rug weavers of the Caucasus considered everything that nurtured life to grow as sacred. Water was necessary to sustain and nourish life. The running water border around a rug represents the life-giving quality of water to both the tribes people and their animals. It also symbolizes the possibility for inner purification.

Birds are symbolic of the miracle of flight and the potential for freedom from our human boundaries, indicating the possibility to see from a greater perspective. They also symbolize man’s innate striving for freedom of consciousness and the boundless joy of the heart.

Fence of Security
The innermost and outermost borders of antique Caucasian rugs often feature a reciprocal, crenelated fence motif. The motifs of the field signify that which is essential, the attributes that are the birthright of man and may inspire one for a more fulfilling life. These ancient symbols were considered sacred. The Fence of Security demonstrates that which is most valuable is also most vulnerable, so must be protected and respected. The double-edged fence also suggests that man’s essential life is untouched by the outer events of life.


48”W (4 FEET) x 0”D x 82”H (6.83 FEET)
* Please note measurements are in approximate inches & always using the largest point of the object.

This listing is for a vintage item or set, meaning there will be some wear signs of use and is common due to age. Please zoom in on those pictures to make sure you are okay with the imperfections that define the character.

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